D50 Racket

The D50 has a stylish appearance. The frame is made of top quality 3k woven graphite, which provides extra stiffness, power and control to the racket.
A perfect lightweight racket for players who prefer touch, control and ease of handling over pure power.
The revolutionary 32mm profiling of the racket ensures an ultimate reaction speed during the game. The unique distribution and size of the holes ensure an optimum balance. The sweet spot on the D50 is therefore larger and gives a direct feeling of impact. For extra spin on the ball, the racket is finished with an extra rough material. The high-quality material in the core, made from durable black EVA, ensures a compact racket with a full sound.
• Racket shape: Diamond
• Player level: Recreational / competitive
• Weight: 330 - 350 grams
• Thickness: 32 mm